[AMRadio] New Regulation by Bandwidth petition to FCC?

sbjohnston at aol.com sbjohnston at aol.com
Wed Jan 9 09:24:26 EST 2008

In the ARRL Great Lakes Division newsletter from Director Jim Weaver, 
K8JE, there was the following interesting item:  an announcement of a 
new petition to the FCC for regulation-by-bandwidth.  I'm not familiar 
with it - bears further investigation.

+++++++++ Regulation by Bandwidth +++++++++

By now you've probably heard there is a petition before the FCC that I

understand would bring a form of Regulation by Bandwidth to the US.

Before anyone jumps to the wrong conclusion, this petition was neither

developed nor is it supported by ARRL.

How can I be sure of this?  I would have had to vote on a motion to

develop or to support the proposal.  This had not happened and is not

scheduled to happen at our Board meeting next week.

So far as Regulation by Bandwidth is concerned, I've made the following

statement in a number of ways, but I will make it as a straight forward

promise to you.  I will not vote in favor of a motion to support

Regulation by Bandwidth until the time comes that its provisions are

thoroughly understood by you and you support the idea.

Regardless, of my personal conclusion, I do not believe regulating by

bandwidth offers sufficient benefit at this time to warrant supporting


One additional item is that I continue and will continue to support the

availability of all now-legal modes of amateur operation.  If the mode

is legal today, I will continue to support its availability for amateur

use.                       Jim Weaver, K8JE


Steve WD8DAS

sbjohnston at aol.com
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