[AMRadio] Vintage Homebrew For Sale

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 9 09:29:27 EST 2008

For Sale Homebrew Ham Stuff, Tubes missing unless noted. All prices plus shipping.

Original Twin Cities RTTY tuning unit from the Byron Kretzman RTTY Handbook, 1950?s, with tubes and filters, well-made, looks just like book, open chassis, no cabinet. $29

Another RTTY TU, larger and pretty sophisticated, nicely made by has had some repairs done, ask for picture. Open chassis, no cabinet. $29

Homebrew mic mixer with 4 mic inputs, 2 line inputs and tone controls. 12AU7A tubes for input amplification, on 19 inch rack panel, pretty well-made, steel parts show some surface rust, with tubes. $19

Homebrew grid dip meter in small steel cabinet. No dial and no coils. Probably AC powered. $5

Homebrew grid dip meter in small aluminum cabinet, Has dial, but no coils. Probably battery powered and transistorized. $5

Homebrew RF deck on 17x12x3 black wrinkle chassis. Has 2 5-pin, 2-4-pin and one octal ceramic sockets mounted. Chipped masonite front panel with 3 meters (one missing) and mounts for 3 var caps (one missing). Filament TF is underneath. Parts used are 1930?s vintage. Chassis not too badly abused and worth re-using. $15

Homebrew 75A2 filter project. This was the little add-on chassis designed to make a 75A2 into a 75A3. It?s complete except for the ceramic filter. $5

Homebrew Receiver RF deck. Someone put a ton of work and quality parts into this. It?s a 9.5x6x5 aluminum box with a 4-section receiver RF deck mounted. The upper half has a ganged 4-section capacitor with 4 ceramic 7-pin tube sockets. Each section is connected feed-through style to a multi-section band switch with coils and trimmer caps underneath. The ganged variable caps are Nationals--two 50?s and two 15?s. Very good but not immaculate construction. $10

Homebrew ??? This is a 12x10x3 chassis with 8 octal tube sockets and 3 large IF cans mounted. The front panel is an 8.75 inch high aluminum black wrinkle panel with the chassis set to one side and something obviously missing from the other side. Parts used are early post-war stuff, maybe 1947. Panel and chassis both have lots of holes. $9

Homebrew RF deck on 17x13x3 unpainted steel chassis. Sockets and neutralizing caps mounted for 4-pin and 5-pin triodes. 2 ceramic tube sockets used for coils and one for crystal. Two other octal ceramic sockets mounted, three variable caps underneath. Parts vintage is 1930?s. Probably an HF deck. No front panel. A bit heavy because of the steel. $10.

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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