[AMRadio] For Sale NOS Log Books and Old Timer Logbooks

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 11 15:38:22 EST 2008

For Sale: Vintage Ham Radio Station Log Books. Mostly unused except as noted. 
BRAND NEW VINTAGE LOG BOOKS LISTED BELOW. Sold as a lot: $115 shipped to your door.
ARRL Mini-Logs (2),      Unused, Small, Spiral Bound.
ARRL full-size logs (2), unused, spiral-bound dated 1964 and 1968 but they are identical.
Bud Radio, Amateur Station Log And Data Book, Unused, 1938, Nice log and excellent Bud catalog.
Collins Logbook     , Unused, S-line on Cover, Winged Emblem back cover.
Drake Logbook (TR4C, T4C/R4C), Unused, Blue Psychadelic cover, great photos inside.
Drake Logbook (TR-7 cover) (3 of these), Unused, Blue TR-7 Station On Cover.
EF Johnson Logbook, Unused, Commercial Two-Way Radio EFJ Cover.
Ham Radio Magazine Log, Unused, “Amateur Radio Log”.
Hallicrafters DX Log, (about 1967), Unused, HT-44/SX-117/SR-500 on cover.
Hallicrafters Station Log, (about 1970), Unused, HT-32B/SX-101 cover, lots inside.
Heathkit Logbook, 1960-1961, Unused half-size log, Mohawk/Apache on cover.
Heathkit Logbook, Undated, Used, SB-300/400 On Cover, ex-N3BM, writing on covers & inside.
National Logbook, Unused, Woodgrain cover.
National Logbook "Tuned to Tomorrow”, Unused, Undated (about 1960). PW dial on cover.
Reliable Radio Batteries BCB Log, Unused, Undated (1920's??). Nice battery radio color artwork.
SWL Log Book   10/26-2/28     BCB DX Log wityh many notes and references to
                              receiver circuits drawn in the back of the book.
                              Unique and interesting.
K8PYJ          1962-1965      Not the most interesting... $4
K8SXK          5/60-7/62      Carefully Kept. $5
W2JAE          12/51-1/52     Fair half-size W8RHZ log. $4
Unknown        7/64 - 1/66    Incomplete/fair ARRL log. $3
W2JAE          6/61-7/61      Incomplete. $3
K8ABP          7/56-12/56     Repetitive 80 meter contacts. $4
VE3FUW/Mobile  1975-1977      2 Half-size Heathkit Apache/Mohawk logs, fair. $10
W3NRM          1976-1997      One Radio Shack log, interesting. $6
W0NQW          10/26/49 – 5/22/50  Bert Catron nice log. $8
W3OLA          1956 – 1966    Herbert Cirissman (sp?—not sure). $5
W5NPR     1947 - 1961         2 logs. Cover missing on one. Nicely maintained. $5
W9QYN     1939 - 1948         Big Letters after 11/2/41 entry: WAR. Resumes on 4/1/46.
Well kept. Entries for 80 meters thru 2 meters. Nice. $10
W8AKQ, ex 8BMJ and 8AJD. These are the logs of M.J. BARRICK from 1921 through 1969--48 years of logs! He not only kept log entries in the logs but cut out articles he was interested in and included them along with technical details on his antenna construction, a diagram of his original spark station, and his Navy Amateur Certificate dated 1930--allowing him to contact Navy Reserve staions or any Naval Station in an emergency--amid much other interesting stuff. 
W8AKQ log entry for December 8, 1941: 
“WLM QST WLM 400PM Wash DC Dec 8 1941 To all CA signals and amateur radio operators all amateur operation stations including the army amateur radio system are suspended for the present stop….” It continues for almost a full page of the log.
The W8AKQ log collection is just amazing. If you like ham radio history, you will treasure this set. $78 mailed to your door.
Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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