[AMRadio] Become the Strapper of the North: property f/s

Jay Bromley jayw5jay at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 00:56:44 EST 2008

Hi Don,
That looks like an old AT&T long line site.  Some were owned by American 
Tower a few years back and could be had for a song.  The only problem with 
most of them was bad location, not much land goes with them, usually right 
on the road as Brent mentioned.

There are still a few here in the area.  One ham group got the site for a 
song and then sold the generator for what they paid for the site!  Most were 
built for WWIII in mind and had very thick walls of concrete.  I inquired 
about one site near here, but it was a little over 200 feet, I didn't want 
to mess with monitoring the tower light or lowering the tower to do anyway 
with that part of it.

73 de  w5jay/jay..

> Route 1, Northern Maine, near New Brunswick border.
> Self-supporting tower and shack included!  3.2 acres, $39.9K.  If I were 
> looking for a spot to build a retirement home, or had any reason to move 
> to that part of Maine, I'd consider it myself.  You could take down the 
> microwave dishes and build a transmitter building right on top of the 
> tower - no feedline needed.  Betcha could even build an 80m yagi that 
> would withstand ice storms on top of that thing.
> Or lay out radials and feed the whole tower as a fat shunt-fed vertical.
>>From the map and photos, (assuming the tower is  located in the middle) 
> property is just about exactly the right size for quarter-wave ground 
> plane for 160, and the tower looks to be about 120 ft. tall.
> Right now, real estate is a buyer's market.
> http://www.realtor.com/realestate/topsfield-me-04490-1092696524/
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