[AMRadio] Home-brewing construction considerations

geoff ars.w5omr at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 13:50:11 EST 2008

John Coleman wrote:
> Hi Geoff:
> 	In my opinion, the coils should be tied together in the middle as
> close to the coils as possible, either on the male bar or on the female bar.
> RF current flows on the wires between the coils so it is imperative that the
> wire be capable of handling the skin effect and current of the RF which is
> much greater than the DC/audio connection from the top of the RF choke. So
> rather than making two connections to the RF choke, where you would need to
> make large wire and have RF flowing though it, just make one connection with
> flexible wire and join the coils together at the coils.

So, just to be crystal clear, a piece of wire between the coil halves
-on the coil assembly itself- would be better.
I could just add another pin in the middle of the coil assembly then add
a socket which would be connected directly to the top of the RF choke.

Thanks, John.

Hopefully, one of these days, the 'moderation bit' will be lifted off my
AM Reflector account, and mail will get to the list a bit quicker.

73 = Best Regards,

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