[AMRadio] Loading antenna with BC 610 E

James M. Walker chejmw at acsu.buffalo.edu
Thu Jan 17 21:28:34 EST 2008

Ola Gang,
The setup here is as follows:
BC-610(*) output SO-239 to PL-259 coax run, to PL-259
to TX connector on E.F. Johnson TR-Switch. Antenna connector
PL-259 to "N" connector.
"N" Connector goes to the input of the ME-165 SWR/Wattmeter.
"N" COnnector to output side of ME-165, coax run goes to input
of E.F. Johnson 1 KW Matchbox through the directional coupler.
The feed-line is homebrew open wire feeders to center fed dipole
cut for the "Low end" of 80 meters, same antenna tunes 80-40-20 meters
for the BC-610(*) transmitters.

Works great, YMMV

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> What my BC-610I has is an so239 mounted in the sidepanel just below  the 
> feed thrus.
> its connected to the feedthrus...
> i have a dowkey antenna relay hung off of it, and feed 375 watts out  all 
> day long into 50 ohms. I also pretune into a dummy load the same  way.
> I use a tuner rated at 3k watts to tune 470 ohm feeders on a full wave 
> loop on 75. using a 5kv 4 to 1 ballun to
> bring the coax into the shack.
> 73 warren w1gud

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