[AMRadio] Re: Mit Romoney disses Ham Radio

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Fri Jan 18 13:09:05 EST 2008

Considering some of the amateur radio operators I see at hamfests and their
lack of personal hygene, and the wannabe cops riding round in second-hand
police cruisers equipped with amber lights, who show up with a half dozen
hand-helds strapped to their belts sagging off their beer guts, and get in
the way during emergencies, I can see where he might have acquired his
attitude about ham radio operators... especially if he had ever listened to
75m SSB.

I'm afraid that "our" brand of hamming has become very obscure and is not
the public's image of amateur radio these days.

Of course now  that he is running for office, his attitude has undoubtedly 
 at least when he thinks there might be hams in the audience.

Don, k4kyv

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