[AMRadio] Hamfest creeps

jeremy-ca km1h at jeremy.mv.com
Fri Jan 18 16:02:13 EST 2008

For several years I carried a VHS camera to Dayton and other hamfests and 
made it a point to tape those types of losers. Then replayed at various club 
meetings, etc.

A friend once stated that if a bomb landed on the Dayton Convention Center 
the nations gene pool would be dramatically improved!

One time at Dayton I had several tables set up and another ham helping. One 
fat creep came by in a motorized wheel chair and he was noticed helping 
himself to my items. We both went and confronted him and he started making a 
scene. It ended when we flipped him out of his chair and all sorts of 
goodies rolled out. Security called a cop over and they hauled him off.


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> Considering some of the amateur radio operators I see at hamfests and 
> their
> lack of personal hygene, and the wannabe cops riding round in second-hand
> police cruisers equipped with amber lights, who show up with a half dozen
> hand-helds strapped to their belts sagging off their beer guts, and get in
> the way during emergencies, I can see where he might have acquired his
> attitude about ham radio operators... especially if he had ever listened 
> to
> 75m SSB.
> I'm afraid that "our" brand of hamming has become very obscure and is not
> the public's image of amateur radio these days.
> Of course now  that he is running for office, his attitude has undoubtedly 
> changed,
> at least when he thinks there might be hams in the audience.
> Don, k4kyv
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