[AMRadio] FS; Radio's Master Catalogs and 1930's Ham Literature

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 18 17:33:02 EST 2008

For Sale: Catalogs and 1930's Literature

If you haven't seen the Radio's Master Catalogs, then you might want to add one of these to your shelf. Imagine an Allied catalog on steroids. These were the catalogs that dealers used to look up stuff at the counter. These make great references. Like the old joke says, if it ain't in here, you don't need it.

Radio-Electronic Master Catalog, 1954-55, 1500 Pages, hardcover, Ross. $25

Radio-Electronic Master Catalog, 1950, 1500 pages, hardcover, Mansfield, Liberty Ave. $25

Radio-Electronic Master Catalog, 1967, 2000 pages, hardcover. Cameradio. $25


Jones, F. C., Amateur Radiotelephony, Pacific Radio, 1937. Very Good. $16

Millen, James, Notes On Amateur Transmitter Design, Millen Inc., 1938. VG $21

Kruse, Robert S., ed., Radiophone Guide, R.S. Kruse, 1933 Excellent. $12

Kruse, Robert S., ed., Radiophone Guide 2nd ed., R.S. Kruse, 1934 Excellent. $12

Hammarlund, Hammarlund Short Wave Manual, 5th Edition, Hammarlund, 1939. $14

Hammarlund, Hammarlund Short Wave Manual, 6th Edition, Hammarlund, 1940. $14

Jones, F. C., Five Meter Radio Telephony, Radio Magazine 1934. VG $14

Millen, James, Ultra-Short Wave Amateur Band Communication, National, 1933. Excellent. $21

Bouck, Zeh, The Manual of Short Wave Radio Volume II, National Company, 1932. Excellent. $19

DeSoto, Clinton, Two Hundred Meters And Down, ARRL, original 1936 edition, not a 
reprint. $21 

1933 Short Wave Manual by Don C Wallace, cover and spine rough, an absolute, dead-on ham radio classic. $21

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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