[AMRadio] Hamfest creeps

Rick rickb at tx.rr.com
Fri Jan 18 20:03:13 EST 2008

Don't worry, Brett, keep working on it and you'll catch up.  ;>)  I have the
small house, old truck and I'm fatter than a brown tick on a big dog.  The
only thing I'm lacking is that doggone $20,000 tower/antenna setup.


My idea of the average  'ham' is an overweight old guy, who lives in a house
that looks abandoned, with a $20,000 tower/antenna setup,
he drives a 15 year old car, dirty inside and out, that
has many strange looking antenna's on it.
The trunk is FILLED with the strangest assortment of things!

His garage is filled with WW2 or older totaly rusted out
radio gems, as is the basement.

I dont fit the description at all, at least, not yet....


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