[AMRadio] Hamfest creeps

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Sat Jan 19 18:30:10 EST 2008


The basic problem is WELL described!

The ISSUE is that the masses are flying around with their heads DOWN in 
the cockpit!  Continued flight in THAT manner has ALWAYS made flying a 
risky venture.

While NO single one of us CAN fix society - EACH of us can HELP at least 
one OTHER!

Bob - N0DGN

jkhildre at pobox.alaska.net wrote:
> I also agree, My Elmer was an old signal corps Sargent who had the 
> patience of Jove with a young whippersnapper.   I believe we are 
> seening a portion of the downfall of Americian si\ociety,
> Joe, KL7DWE
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>> Well said, and I could not agree more.
>> Dave W9WRL
>> John King wrote:
>>> Karl, K1MH hit the nail on the head
BIG Snip!

Bob Bethman/N0DGN/Northern Div Hammarlund SP-600 Manassas, VA
Horizontal MultiBand Dipoles

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