[AMRadio] FS Vintage SSB Books and Homebrew Late 1940's SSB Exciter

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 19 22:52:59 EST 2008

For Sale: Vintage Sideband Exciter, Books and Ten-Tec
Vintage SSB Books
ARRL, Single Sideband For the Radio Amateur. 1st ed.  ARRL 1954. $9
ARRL, Single Sideband For the Radio Amateur. 3rd ed.  ARRL 1962. $8
ARRL, Single Sideband For the Radio Amateur, 4th ed.  ARRL 1963. $7
ARRL, Single Sideband For The radio Amateur, 5th ed.  ARRL 1970. $8
Brown, Jack N., Single Sideband Techniques, CQ 1954. $9
Stoner, Don, The New Sideband Handbook, Cowan CQ, 1966 (1954). $7
Hooton, Harry D., Single Sideband Communications Handbook, 1st ed., 1962, Sams, 300 page hardback with dust jacket. Schematic fold-outs for the 100-V, 32S-1, Invader, 75S-1, HQ-180, 30S-1 and SPC-10. Well-wrtten and covers it all. $24
Early Homebrew SSB Exciter. This exciter is a genuine ham radio historical artifact from the late 1940’s. It was built by W8DLD, A. F. Prescott, who was a supervisor of the electronics laboratory at G.E.’s Cuyahoga lamp plant. You may recognize the call because he was a relatively frequent contributor to G.E. Ham News (particularly 1960-62). This exciter was apparently built in the late 1940’s as an SSB demonstrator rig. DLD’s notes on the folder that came with this rig say “ This exciter (7 & 9 MC) helped ‘sell’ SSB in the late 1940’s--W8DLD”. This was also apparently the predecessor to the SSB50--a semi-famous ham homebrew SSB rig from 1959-60. The series balanced modulator circuit used in this exciter is shown in QST, June 1952 and W8DLD is mentioned. The exciter is (say the notes on the front panel) a “basic phasing exciter--7 or 9mc” with “2 watts PEP output” with “220V and 440V DC supply”. It was “checked 10-10-74”
 which presumably was the last time it was powered up, The controls are all neatly labeled with am engraved plate. This is on a 17 inch wide aluminum chassis with a 17 inch front panel. There is no cabinet but I cut a rack mount shelf with bezel from an old Altec PA system that allows the rig to be rack-mounted or rack-cabinet mounted and look very clean. The tube lineup is 1-6SJ7, 5-6SN7, 1-6SL7, 2-6BX7, 1-6CL6 (in a home made adapter marked “6AG7 to 6CL6 adapter”). This thing originally came to me in a box with witing on the top that said “Original W8DLD Basic Exciter. Use directly on 7 or 9MC. Mix with 5MC to produce 14MC or 4MC.” And now you know everything I know about this. It’s time for someone else to be the caretaker for this thing. $40 as is. Includes my notes and DLD’s notes and some other possibly related stuff.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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