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On March 15, Tom Martin, the new Special Counsel in the FCC's 
Enforcement Bureau, issued a letter to Layton P. Dunkle,
WA7KJI, of Evansville, Oregon, indicating that Dunkle's application to 
renew his Amateur Radio license will be "denied with prejudice" unless 
appropriate corrective action is taken.

Mr Dunkle was granted an Amateur Radio license on April 31, 1968.  This 
year Special Counsel Martin received several reports that Dunkle had 
gained excessive body weight far beyond that considered normal for his 
height.  Video recordings of his appearance made at a local hamfest 
have been submitted to the Commission.

FCC regulations provide that a license may be revoked, or renewal 
denied, “...for conditions coming to the attention of the Commission 
which would warrant it in refusing to grant a license or permit on the 
original application.” The character of the applicant is among those 
factors that the FCC considers when determining whether an applicant 
has the required qualifications to operate an amateur station. The 
Commission believes that “...because obesity is an indication of the 
applicant’s or licensee’s  character and propensity to obey the law, 
and to conform to Amateur Radio rules and policies, Dunkle’s excessive 
weight raises serious questions as to whether he possesses the 
requisite character qualifications to be and to remain a real ham and a 
Commission licensee,” the FCC said.


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