[AMRadio] Recent insulting threads

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Sun Jan 20 14:23:31 EST 2008


Flare ups of any kind do occur.  Fortunately they do not happen with 
great frequency.

I agree that this one DID get out of control.

That was why I posted the one that I did to try and get folks to lighten up.

Sorry if it ruffled feathers.

Bob - N0DGN

A.R.S. - WA5AM wrote:
> This recent thread about some folks that are overweight, obese, or
> whatever, is really VERY insulting and degrading.  A few pop up jokes
> can be taken lightly, however this "thing" that some of you have said
> is really getting down to scummy insults.  What the hell is wrong here
> people?  Is it the elections?  Winter?  Sidebanders?  What?
Bob Bethman/N0DGN/Northern Div Hammarlund SP-600 Manassas, VA
Horizontal MultiBand Dipoles

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