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> I was being too subtle I guess.  I've received quite a few complaints from 
> folks who think I was actually advocating that the overweight be denied 
> their license.  -Sigh-     I've also heard from several who supported the 
> idea.    -Heavier sigh-
> I was trying to point out the error of the intolerant people recently 
> airing their views - those who feel overweight hams are also dirty, 
> smelly, slovenly and not real hams - by exaggeration.

> Sorry - too subtle for email I guess.  I'll withdraw now...

Thats the best statement youve made yet. <G>

The initial comments were not aimed at strictly overweight hams, the nation 
as a whole is overweight. You decided to add your own spin to the discussion 
followed up by a childish prank posting.

What was commented about are the grossly obese and combined with extreme 
body odor, filthy clothes, 10 HT's strapped on, Deputy Dog Catchers badge, 
the works. You add up all the "features" and the result is someone that most 
of us do not want to be near them much less be identified as a ham to the 
general public who already views hams in an unfavorable way.

I cant imagine anyone fitting that description is a member of this forum BUT 
those particular persons do show up at hamfests to the dismay of the 
majority from my experience. The operative word is "majority".

Knock kneed, jammed panties purveyors of diversity crap do not need to 
reply. Im an old school ham and proud of it.

Lets get back to AM.


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