[AMRadio] Home-brewing construction considerations

Brett Gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizon.net
Mon Jan 21 16:20:08 EST 2008

You can filter the phones in various ways, those filters they
sell work well.
Filters on the power input, long speaker leads,etc can get you out of
audio equipment, not sure if anything works on modern TV's, or if they have
problems (its cable in my area).

I VERY rarely operate at night, I mostly do 40 meters weekend
mornings, sometimes 80 is open then, but not often.

The best way is to live way out in the sticks...


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> AND Bret, how did you solve this problem.  I have basic overload with 500
> watts where the lights flicker and the TV audio jerks back and forth.  No
> TVI.  Ideas?  The HD TV is going though a receiver for SS.
> Phil
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> And after having built a few rigs with NO consideration about TVI, I would
> not spend a lot of time shielding or worrying about out of band signals, I
> never had a problem other than raw rf power getting into things.
> If it chews up the phone, audio equipment, and 99% of TV interferance, its
> just RF overload.
> Funny, I can tune the FM radio in the kitchen by changing my TX frequency
> 40 meters. The dipole is 30 feet above the radio which has a long wip
> antenna on it....
> I never had a situation where harmonics or some vhf/uhf stuff from the
> transmitters was a problem.
> Brett
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