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Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 21 21:18:16 EST 2008

For Sale Premium Quality Vintage Radio Books
All prices plus $4 US Media mailing with tracking. Add $1.50 for each additional book.
73 Magazine Editors, The Power Supply Handbook, Tab Books, 1979. 400+ page hardback. Great for quickly understanding modern power supplies. Lots of project-quality circuits. All solid state. $10
McMahon, Morgan, A Flick Of The Switch 1930-1950, Vintage Radio, 1975. 300+ page paperback history of radio relying on lots of pictures. Has sections on ham and TV. Not much detail. $11
Hallmark, Clayton L., How To Repair Old Time Radios, 1979, Tab Books, 250 pages. A classic text. Photo quality is low. $13
Heys, John, G3BDQ, Practical Wire Antennas, RSGB, 1991. Typical RSGB quality. Paperback in like-new condition. $14
Davidson, Homer, Radio Receiver Projects, TAB, 1993. 300+ page hardback in like new condition. Some tube projects but mostly sold state. $18
Hawker, J. Pat, Amateur Radio Techniques, 3rd. ed., RSGB, 1970. Great collection of circuits, many project quality, thoroughly described in practical aspects. Mostly tube, but some solid state. With a sheet kindly provided by RSGB for the American reader that translates tube types into American types, and Brit lingo into American lingo. 200+ pages. Superb. $22
Terman, Frederick, Radio Engineering, McGraw-Hill 2nd ed, 1937. 800-page hardback in excellent condition. Magnificently written text covering both theory and practice. Required reading. $23
Eastman, Austin V., Fundamentals of Vacuum Tubes, 2nd ed., McGraw-Hill, 1941. 600 page hardback in excellent condition. The Rosetta stone of vacuum tube knowledge, well-organized and exactingly-written. More required reading. $23
Lewis, Tom, Empire of The Air The Men Who Made Radio, HarperCollins, 1991. A very enjoyable history. Some quibbles here and there about accuracy, but why spoil the fun. Written as a companion to the PBS documentary. 400 page hardback with dust jacket in excellent condition. $23
Ghirardi, Alfred A., Modern Radio Servicing, 1st ed., Murray Hill, 1935. The original and classic practical radio text in one cover. This copy is the original edition hardback in excellent condition with dust jacket. Almost 1,300 pages. $33
Ghirardi, Alfred A., Radio Physics Course, 2nd ed., Radio & Tech Pub, 1942. Just absolutely excellent. I think this was later serialized by Gernsback in one of his magazines. Almost 1,000 pages. Hardback with falling-apart dust jacket. $30
Marcus and Levy, Elements of Radio Servicing, McGraw Hill, 1947. One of the best texts I’ve ever read. Not elegant--just simple and direct. This copy is in mediocre condition with cover and spine wear. 475 page hardback. $21

Ballantine, Stewart, Radio Telephony For Amateurs, Mackay Co, 1922. Almost 300 pages. Hardback in remarkably good condition considering it will be 100 years old in 15 short years. Cover wear and a bit dirty. Interesting to browse to put yourself in the place of the many who must have learned much from this text. Great pictures. $25
Carr, Joseph, Secrets of RF Circuit Design, TAB, 1991. Very good, but not excellent. Somewhat simplistic. Hardback like new. $18
Carr, Joseph, How To Troubleshoot & Repair Amateur Radio Equipment, TAB, 1980. Like the above book, this is a light treatment--very useful in a practical sense. But not exactly Terman. 425 page hardback. $18
Carr, Joseph, The Complete Handbook of Radio Receivers and Transmitters, TAB, 1980. This is actually two books under one cover--one on receivers and one on transmitters. As you might expect, the title can not possibly be lived up to and it is not. Still, this is a typically-good Carr text well-worth your time. $20
Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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