[AMRadio] Re: Recent insulting threads

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Wed Jan 23 21:33:42 EST 2008

> That was Fred Huntley, W6RNC. He at one time sought to have American hams
> sign off with the national anthem.
>                                                Joe W4AAB
>>I remember back in the 60's, there was an old guy in California that raged
>>every day about side banders what a bunch of commies they were. He was a
>>big pain in the patoot.

Wasn't he the one with the Kelvinator Kilowatt, a transmitter built into an 
old refrigerator?

I remember the national anthem proposal, but didn't realise Fred was the one 
who petitioned for it.

If that had passed, wouldn't it be cool to play the Jemi Hendrix version 
(IMO the best instrumental rendition of the national anthem ever played by 
anyone) at the end of every QSO?

Don k4kyv 

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