[AMRadio] Receiver Noise Reduction Devices

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Thu Jan 24 21:00:32 EST 2008

Mike if you and the power company agree it is coming from a neighbor's 
house I would approach the neighbor with something that can hear the 
noise and try to locate the source.   This will, of course, depend on 
cooperation of the neighbor.  If they refuse you have the option of 
contacting the FCC to have a letter sent to them about cooperation.  If 
they do cooperate and you determine the source is from the house, try to 
convince them in a nice way to repair the problem.

You might point out that noise from something in a house can be an 
indication of trouble to come in the future and repairing it now might 
possibly mitigate some costs .  I have heard of doorbell transformers 
causing house fires.

If the limiter on your receiver will not ally the noise, then an 
external source is not likely to be of much help.  Your best bet will be 
eliminating it all together.  If the neighbor refuses to repair the 
problem if you locate it there, then the FCC will eventually intercede, 
but I would not threaten them at the onset.

Not too long ago the FCC sent a letter to an elderly couple who both had 
power chairs.  The charging devices made noise that obliterated the 
bands of an amateur.  He provided filters to them and proved the filters 
worked after much searching for the source.  After he left the owner 
removed the filters so the amateur contacted the FCC who eventually 
wrote the owners of the power chairs the standard interference letter.

Best to meet the challenge head on and see what you can work out with 
the source owner rather than let it ride.


> I'm looking for a way to reduce a received noise which is being 
> back-fed
> into a nearby powerline from something inside a house about a block 
> away.
> I've been working with my power company, and we are in agreement that 
> it is
> coming from the owner's side of the meter.
> This noise is killing all but the strongest signals on 160 and 80 
> meters,
> and is almost as bad on the lower half of 40.
> The noise sounds like a strong white noise on 80 and 40, and more like 
> an
> electric motor on 160 and the AM bc band.
> Will a device such as the MFJ 1025 or 1026 reduce this noise enough to 
> be
> worth spending the money for it, or should I just prey for lightning 
> in the
> next block?
> Mike Duke, K5XU
> American Council of Blind Radio Amateurs

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