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Bob, Tony, Carl, et.al.
These stories are GREAT! I have had two encounters with Verizon regarding electic pole interference. The first encounter in 1995 was frustrating. However, the latest request to Verizon, they came out within a week, investigated and repaired. Noise went down at least 20 db. Still there, but much lower. The engineer was very friendly. 
I would like to hear any other GREAT stories on resolving electric pole interference....:-)

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I would think also that you should pursue the source of the problem,
and document it. If it is some device in a house, and the owner is not
willing to help solve it, you might have to start down the FCC road to
have them deal with. But you may also be saving the owners life and
possessions. I know you have all heard the story of the bell
transmformer being on the edge of starting a fire, and I had the actual
experience with a neighbor one time, where when looking for an erratic
buzz, found his bell transformer so hot, a house fire was probably in
his future. It took over an hour for that thing to cool down so we
could replace it.

Charlie W4MEC in NC

A few years back i my receivers were wiped out by a line noise. the 
power company was great with their help finding it. we spent about 2 
hrs checking lines it was weird . they could pick it up on their 
lines for about 3 miles. they started cutting out sections of line 
till they found it was on the section 1/4 miles from my house. they 
killed both ends and still it was on the dead line. so they started 
pulling meters in each house on that section. came to a guy who had a 
barn and a dog run outside his barn. pulled his meter and WAM it was 
gone. well they found that he had a electric fence around his dog log 
and the barn was across the road from his house. with a power drop 
going to the barn from his garage. they looked inside his garage and 
guess what they found a wire coming off a fence charger going to the 
ground wire on the power drop. then across the road they found 
another wire coming off the ground down to the fence. he was using 
the power companies ground wire to power his fence. needless to say 
they cut everything out pulled his meter and left a note for him to 
come to the office if he wanted power restored. .
this is just something to think about. also i have found that the new 
light bulbs they say are so cost saving are noise generators of the 
highest level. xyl bought some and the shack is a shop about 100 feet 
from the house . had to go in and remove all of them.
good luck
73 Tony

I live in a senior apartment complex. In the courtyard they have three
orange arc lamps of some kind that come on at sundown and turn off at
sunrise. They wipe out the 80M band for me. But I am afraid to bitch about
them. I will get told if I don't like it to move.

Bob Macklin

I believe those are sodium vapor lamps. At a prior QTH I had a similar 
problem but the power company fixed it in one visit.
What you need to do is take a radio to the honchos there and show them the 
noise. Then suggest that the arcing will cause them possible illnesses as 
well as affect pacemakers if it gets worse. Ill bet that will get action!

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