[AMRadio] GREAT stories on pole interference

AirRadio AirRadio at dsl.pipex.com
Sat Jan 26 14:54:36 EST 2008

I had a similar problem to Clay, in as much as it was the local water 
company with their 25kv electric fence causing S9 clicks on 80m here in the 
UK, every 1.1 seconds there was such a loud click one could not wear 
headphones with any sort of volume, I went out with a handy and located the 
problem. I contacted the water company the next day by email and within 24 
hours it was fixed, the guy was most interested in how I had diagnosed this 
and was very happy as it could have caused a fire and damaged the equipment. 
I have had another 2 incidents over the last couple of years with the fence 
and they have been very quick to respond. Yes, one polite email explaining 
the problem and how you came to find it goes a very long way, once you get 
the guys that fix 'em on your side it will be easy. If they seem a bit 
reluctant by them a beer for their trouble, brings me onto another short 
tale, one local Ham to me has his antenna attached to the telephone pole 
outside his house in the street, one day the phone co. was called to check a 
line and noticed this, next thing the antenna is on the ground, not 
discouraged, the 'old boy' gets inside and finds a bottle of something, 
waddya you know the antenna is back up properly fixed with its own little 
pole!!, 73 Max M0GHQ 

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