[AMRadio] Invitation to a SURVEY

Brett Gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizon.net
Mon Jan 28 19:22:30 EST 2008

> What is your favorite band (80m, 160m, 40m etc)?
40 meters, weekend mornings in the winter.

> What kind of antenna (dipole, vertical, etc) do you use?
40 meter dipole, G5RV, butternut vertical for 80 and 40.

> What type of line (open feeder, rg59, etc) do you use for feeding of your
antenna?  Do you use a transmatch or antenna tuner?
RG214, open wire line, RG8M. Heathkit tuner sometimes.

> Do you use a separate transmitter and receiver, or a transciever?

> What times and days of the week do you operate?
Mostly weekend mornings.

> Average amount of time per week occupied in ham radio?
20 or more hours in winter, almost nothing in summer.

> What do you enjoy most, the technical (building, repairing) or operating?
All of the above.

> And last but not least, any comments!

> Thanks for participating in the survey.
> Joe N3IQA

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