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> It would be nice to know what each of us is using for equipment and 
> antennas, and so on.  I encourage everyone to participate in a survey, and 
> I will volunteer to collect your replies and report to the list, with 
> statistics and such.
> Please reply to the list, or to me at jcotton at excite.com.  If you have 
> more than one (transmitter, antenna, etc) please reply regarding your 
> "main" equipment.
> What is your favorite band (80m, 160m, 40m etc)?

No particular favorite, I have AM gear for 160 to 2M but I especially enjoy 
enjoy 6, 10 and 15M when they open.

> What kind of antenna (dipole, vertical, etc) do you use?

Four towers, lots of antennas. Homebrew monoband Yagis from 40M and up 
including WARC. 4 squares and inverted Vees for 160/80. Five Beverages.

> What type of line (open feeder, rg59, etc) do you use for feeding of your 
> antenna?

CATV 75 Ohm hardline with RG-11 foam for the flexible sections.

Do you use a transmatch or antenna tuner?


> Do you use a separate transmitter and receiver, or a transciever?

Viking I & HQ-129X replicates what I had in the late 50's.
Meissner EX Signal Shifter driving two 813's & NC-240D.
Clegg Zeus and Interceptor.
ART-13A on the way.

> What times and days of the week do you operate?

When the spirit moves me, mostly daytime on HF.

> Average amount of time per week occupied in ham radio?

40-60 hours. Im retired from RF R&D job, spend my time restoring an ever 
growing collection of radios, building gear and repairing stuff for others.

> What do you enjoy most, the technical (building, repairing) or operating?

Technical; operating is secondary unless Im really in the mood. Been a ham 
since 1955 so Ive had plenty of time to operate.

> And last but not least, any comments!

Talk up AM at every chance at clubs, hamfests, etc. I see many younger hams 
preferring AM to SSB once they have graduated from FM. Maybe many started on 
CB. Many of the youngsters are on 6M AM around here with fairly basic gear. 
Most have no use for the 75M crowd which is the same as I noticed in the 
50's and 60's when 10, 6 and 2M AM was packed.


> Thanks for participating in the survey.
> Joe N3IQA
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