[AMRadio] [Fwd: [Lowfer] SSB on 510 KHz]

Mike WE0H we0h at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 29 09:58:19 EST 2008

I know this isn't AM but listen to it and some might agree that it 
sounds pretty darn good. All on 510kc (600 meters). These are the guys 
in New England. About half way through you can hear the one guys rich 
audio. That one sounds damn close to AM. Figured some here had some 
interest in 600 meters. Hopefully everyone will have this band as an 
Amateur band in the not so distant future. That's what all this 600 
meter experimenting is all about, getting the band assigned as an 
Amateur Radio band.


	Here's a snipet of the SSB activity on 510 KHz Sunday evening. I copied
WE2XGR/1, /2, and /3. This is using my SDR/IQ and my AMRAD E-Field probe.
Boy, down here the audio almost sounds like good A.M. modulation!


	Dick, WA3USG

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