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> It would be nice to know what each of us is using for equipment and 
> antennas, and so on.  I encourage everyone to participate in a survey, and 
> I will volunteer to collect your replies and report to the list, with 
> statistics and such.
> Please reply to the list, or to me at jcotton at excite.com.  If you have 
> more than one (transmitter, antenna, etc) please reply regarding your 
> "main" equipment.
> Name:- Max Cotton. Call:- M0GHQ
> What is your favorite band (80m, 160m, 40m etc)?  10m 15m and 80m
> What kind of antenna (dipole, vertical, etc) do you use? Inv V doublet w 
> 600 Ohm feeder, TH5 Mk2 5 ele beam
> What type of line (open feeder, rg59, etc) do you use for feeding of your 
> antenna?  Do you use a transmatch or antenna tuner? RG213 on the beam and 
> open wire feeder 600 ohm, use a MN-2000 on the Dipole
> Do you use a separate transmitter and receiver, or a transciever?  use 
> allsorts, KWM-2, Drake L-4B, ART-13 and BC-348, BC-610, BC-342. BC-375.
> What times and days of the week do you operate? Saturday mornings (AM net) 
> some evenings and very early (05.00+)
> Average amount of time per week occupied in ham radio? 5-8hrs+
> What do you enjoy most, the technical (building, repairing) or operating? 
> operating, antennas,contests and restoring
> And last but not least, any comments! Thanks for an interesting survey. 73 
> Max M0GHQ
> Thanks for participating in the survey.
> Joe N3IQA
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