[AMRadio] Invitation to a SURVEY

JACK C. SHUTT w9gt at verizon.net
Wed Jan 30 07:40:52 EST 2008

What is your favorite band (80m, 160m, 40m etc)? 160, 80, and 40 equally
What kind of antenna (dipole, vertical, etc) do you use? Inverted vee at 75 ft, KLM tribander at 80ft, center fed flat top fed with open wire at 40 ft, Inverted L on 160
What type of line (open feeder, rg59, etc) do you use for feeding of your antenna? 7/8 " hardline out to tower, then RG8. open wire to center fed antenna Do you use a transmatch or antenna tuner? Yes, home brew tuner and KW Matchbox
Do you use a separate transmitter and receiver, or a transciever? both, Main rig(s) : Collins 30K-4 and Federal 167-B on AM paired with Collins R390A, 75A1, and 75A2 receivers.  Also run PW AM with 1947 vintage John Meck T-60-1 (pr 6L6s mod by pr 6L6s) and NC-240D receiver.  ICOM 765 and Home Brew pr of 3-500Zs on SSB, CW. 
What times and days of the week do you operate? early morning during week, weekends
Average amount of time per week occupied in ham radio? 8-10 hrs, varies with time of year
What do you enjoy most, the technical (building, repairing) or operating? both, enjoy building gear and experimenting with antennas.  Enjoy restoring old tube-type gear.  Enjoy operating AM fone and CW most, but work all modes.
And last but not least, any comments!  I really enjoy the comradery and fun times working AM and vintage gear.  Many very nice and knowlegeable people share this interest.  73,  Jack, W9GT

Thanks for participating in the survey.

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