[AMRadio] AMers should not operate other modes??

Texas AM am.is.texas at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 09:46:36 EST 2008

With the recent poll on the list, I'd like to ask the group something,
and I hope I don't ruffle any feathers, as there may be some on this
list that are the very ones I am about to reference, but without calls
or names.  I do hope the moderators of this list do not object to this

I don't post here often, but do a lot of listening on this list ...and
have been an AMer for many years.

To preface my question with a little background; I live in Texas and
love to operate AM, however I also love to operate some other modes,
in particular SSB and CW.  Of course I do not operate SSB on any usual
AM frequencies.

There is a group of AM operators that meet early in the mornings on
3890 in this area, and recently a few of them can be heard every
morning really criticizing those of us they know they hear operating
SSB elsewhere.  Calling us part time CB'ers, and other things.  By the
way; these are grown men guys.

I for one have decided not to join in with them for now , as I know a
lot of others have
which had been a part of that group for some time.

To me, this does not give a very good image to AM in general, nor
those SSB ops that may be listening that have considered trying AM.
Just simply poor conduct, and pretty disgusting if you listen to this
stuff.  That's my opinion, but I'd like to see what others have to say
about it this sort of ranting they do about us seemingly "traitors".

Now my question to the email list is this:

If you operate AM, is it a sin to operate any other modes as these
guys try to suggest or imply to themselves and listeners each and
every morning, over and over?

In closing; I know there have been at least two or three of our AM
group that have confronted them on the air, or on the phone about
this, but they seem to laugh it off and continue to act in this
childish way on the air, day in and day out.  If you live close enough
to the Texas area, please listen up on 3890 to this sometime about
7:00 AM CST.  It actually reminds me of the guys on 3892 and 3878 SSB
that have nothing else to talk about day to day.

If we operate AM, then based on what we are hearing here day to day, we
should just quit all other modes entirely and consider them evil.

Thanks for any input guys.


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