[AMRadio] AMers should not operate other modes??

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Wed Jan 30 10:36:53 EST 2008

Hi Robert,

I have heard this too.  Actually several times, and like Bob, have
tried to say something, but so far it has done no good.  I hate it
because I thought these guys were my friends.  I am also one of the so
called "guilty" parties they are apparently referring to that meet
very early in the morning with a group on 3897 SSB from time to time.
A lot of these guys on 97 either do not have any AM rigs, or simply no
real power for AM to be heard.  They are my friends, and I will talk
to them regardless of the mode.  PERIOD.

There are a lot of good AM'ers that meet on that freq., so please
don't let just a few run you off.  I have not be AM able here of late,
however I do have some nice AM transmitters that I hope to get on the
air soon, one of which is a Gates BC-1T.  Due to really bad back
problems and a very busy time of year for me, that project has been on

Bob Peters is right.  The more we get on and NOT discuss what these
few seem to want to, it might make this go away.

I do agree with your feelings however.

Brian / wa5am
PS: Hope to be back on with a REAL AM rig soon!

"Money is only temporary, radios are forever" - Jim Little aka "the
old dawg"/K5BAI

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