[AMRadio] AM Trans Atlantic QSO's

Mike Sawyer w3slk at hughes.net
Wed Jan 30 17:09:50 EST 2008

Hi Max,
    If you could, I invite you and the others on that side of the pond to 
try looking for AM on 160M around 1885, 1945, and I think there is some near 
1985. It would be nothing short of a thrill working AM across the Atlantic 
on 160M
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This morning at 05.50 GMT there was another great trans Atlantic opening 
where stations from Malta, Netherlands, France and England had an AM QSO 
with stations from the USA on 3705 khz. also attempts were made to AM QSO on 
1843 khz. Join in the fun get your BA's fired up, I made it with an ART-13 & 
dynamotor/ BC-348 barefoot with my inverted V doublet.  73 Max M0GHQ

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