[AMRadio] Re: AMers should not operate other modes??

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 30 20:22:41 EST 2008

I enjoy being seen as someone who won't run SSB. Of
course I'm not that serious about it, not as if it
would violate religion or something, but there's a
certain comfort I get from authentically representing
AM as a preferred mode and activity in the radio

In order to do that, I devote my available radio time
to AM, and like it that way.

On the other hand, I have taken part in emergency
communications events (hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and
some Atlantic storms) which are on SSB and involve my
use of a "contemporary" FT101EE.  It's just that none
of my AM friends know about this.

That's probably a good thing.

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