[AMRadio] Re:[ AMRadio] West Coast AM Operation?

Gary Kohtala gary.k7ek at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 30 22:06:39 EST 2008

There is daily operation on 3870 here in the Pacific
Northwest. Similarly , many of us
operate AM on 7290 during daytime hours. I have
especially enjoyed mobile operation
on 7290 AM with my IC706MK2G. I continually get
extremely good audio reports
with that rig on AM from the Tahoe.  If you don't hear
anyone on 3870, call a CQ
or two. If everyone is listening, how will we know
anyone is there?

I just got my 75m  K7DYY SR a couple of weeks ago and
have  personally been on
3870. If conditions permit, you WILL hear regular  PNW
activity there.  The  propagation
has not been that great of late, but the activity is

Best regards,

Gary E. Kohtala - K7EK

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