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Thu Jan 31 00:02:03 EST 2008


Sad to say but I just experienced the worst case scenario with a fire 
in the business below my workshop downtown here on the 21st.

The previous night I had heard a nasty arcing noise while listening to 
75 mtrs. It was not constant enough to locate but by its strength and 
type knew it was nearby.

Well, I was awakened at 9:00 AM the next morning with the news that the 
building downtown was on fire !!

It was controlled after a couple hours and the following day the Fire 
Inspector determined that it was caused by a shorting coffee maker cord 
that had showered sparks on flamable materials nearby causing the blaze.

The rear of the business, my Neice's pet shop, was completely gutted 
and I had major smoke and water damage in my rooms directly over it. 
The fire had climed up thru the walls to an attic crawlspace over my 
and the water used totally soaked my test gear, radio gear and 
everything else.

  I was lucky with no actual fire burn damage but the smoke and water 
has probably ruined all the electronics that I have including shelves 
of manuals and handbooks.

 I had just put my old VK II back on the air a couple days earlier.

So check out any serious noises not just foe QRN reasons but to prevent 
a real fire !


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From: Mike Duke, K5XU

Thanks to those who offered great information about using various noise
canceling systems.

Today my power company was at last able to speak directly with the owner
of the home where my noise is originating.

The home owner and I were able to determine which breaker causes the 
to disappear. He's checking to see what is connected to that breaker, 
said he would call me back "soon."

While the problem isn't fixed yet, at least there is dialogue.

Mike Duke, K5XU
American Council of Blind Radio Amateurs

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