[AMRadio] Re: New IP address

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Thu Jan 31 13:42:43 EST 2008

<<From: "John Coleman" <jc at pctechref.com>

 Since Comcast took over the Time Warner stuff here in the Houston
area we have been able to maintain the same IP address up until now.  But as
of this morning we now have a new IP address for my server. For those of you
that are accessing my server from time to time the new IP is
and you will need to edit your host file to accommodate the new address.>>

I thought that was normal for your IP address to change with a broadband 
connection when you log completely out and then log back in.

Mine regularly changes when I shut the computer off, which I do frequenly, 
particularly over the summer months when anything that is plugged in to the 
a.c. power mains is subject to being blasted away with a lightning jolt.

I check my IP address from time to time, and rarely is it the same as it was 
last time.

Don k4kyv

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