[AMRadio] Bondo

Mike WE0H we0h at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 1 12:27:24 EDT 2008

Vertical surface...here's a darn good idea then, go buy some Gel Epoxy. 
It doesn't sag, drip or do any weird movements. Take some ground up 
material that would match your finish and mix in with the epoxy for a 
one shot repair that should look decent.


Rick wrote:
> Hi Todd...  
> I enjoy hearing about people older than me, but there aren't many around! HI
> The cabinet is that of a Bauer 707, so laying it horizontal is not an option
> for this old man. :~)  I think the tape backing is a great idea.  I may have
> to go in layers to prevent sagging of the material.  I honestly don't expect
> a high gloss finish, but I would like it to not be too noticeable.  I'll let
> ya'll know it works.
> Thanks to all..
> Rick/K5IAR

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