[AMRadio] Radio Noise, BPL?

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Mon Jul 14 02:59:16 EDT 2008


This meter/inlet panel is on the outside of the attached office 
building. The distro panel it feeds is turned off via the main breaker 
since the building is vacant at this time. The the much larger power 
drop and panel for the main building where my workshop/storage is 
located is on the opposite side of the main building and is not a 
source of noise.

The noise has the fundamental sound of a network cable but without any 
traffic. Looking at my IF with a scope, the waveform is a flat top 
positive going pulse with even spaced harmonics maybe, 100kc or less 
apart. Certainly not phase controller harmonics. I haven't gotten all 
my gear up and running yet so some of what i'm seeing may be from front 
end overload.
  Need to put in some input attenuation to to find the fundamental and 
actual signal level. It appears to be in or even below
the broadcast band but the HF receiver only goes down to 1500. At that 
point the noise level completely buries any broadcast stations. Will 
try using the portable if it stops raining Monday.

My Spectrum Analyzer, Tek 7L12, was heavily smoke and water damaged 
recently and I'm a bit lost without it. There is no better tool to 
locate and identify noise sources. At least one that I can afford.

Don't know, have to get it removed somehow. Would like to get my 
station back on the air and there is no way with this noise.
It is way outside
 of a permissible radiation level whatever it is.

Will update when and if the problem goes away.

Thanks !
Bill, KB3DKS

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From: Jim Miller WB5OXQ in Waco

This does not sound like BPL Noise to me.  However I understand some 
meters transmit their readings to the power company using the power 
If this is not the case you may have a faulty meter or problem in the
connections inside the box.  I would call the power company.  Can you
temporarily turn off a main breaker to shut down the whole building to 
if the problem goes away when load is removed? 

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