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Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Mon Jul 14 18:07:45 EDT 2008


The message included with this is primarily directed at hams in 
Texas and Oklahoma, but should be of interest to all.  I am sending 
it to the list because so many people in those two states, who are 
ARRL members, do not receive the West Gulf news messages.  If you 
live in Texas or Oklahoma I urge you to work with these people.  If 
they are successful, it could set a precedent for everyone.

I also ask you to consider joining ARRL, no matter your feelings, to 
help the League advance this piece of legislation.



More and more hams live in residential subdivisions governed by deed 
restrictions, sometimes known as
Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs), that prohibit the 
operation of ham radio stations and that
prohibit the erection of ham radio antennas.
The West Gulf Division believes these restrictions unreasonably 
infringe the rights of its members.
Accordingly, on June 14, 2008, the West Gulf Division announced at 
its Convention Meeting at Ham-Com
in Plano, Texas that the West Gulf Division Legislative Affairs 
Group intends to introduce legislation in the
2009 Texas and Oklahoma legislative sessions to eliminate CC&Rs that 
prohibit the operation of ham radio
stations and the erection of ham radio antennas in residential 
Coy Day (N5OK), Division Director, conducted the Division Board 
Meeting before the Convention Meeting
to brief all Section Managers. The Section Managers for West Texas 
(John Dyer AE5B) and Oklahoma
(John Thomason WB5SYT) attended the Board Meeting and pledged their 
enthusiastic support for this
legislative effort.
This legislative effort will be conducted by the West Gulf 
Legislative Affairs Group, led by Dr. David
Woolweaver (K5RAV), West Gulf Vice Director and Division Legislative 
Action Chair. John Robert Stratton
(KE5ISX) will coordinate all legislative action in Austin.
But to successfully pass this legislation, the Legislative Affairs 
Group needs information and help from you.
If you are affected by CC&Rs, or if you want to help make it 
possible to enjoy ham radio without unreasonable
CC&R restrictions, please send an email to K5RAV at arrl.org AND 
KE5ISX at arrl.net. Include your call
sign, physical address and a copy of the sections of your deed 
restrictions/CC&Rs that limit your ability to
operate or erect antennas in the email. Please send the CC&R copies 
as PDFs.
If you can't email the copy of the sections of your deed 
restrictions/CC&Rs that limit your ability to operate
or erect antennas, please mail them to:
CCR Investigation
PO Box 2232
Austin, Texas 78768-2232.
The Legislative Affairs Group will be forwarding updates once the 
legislation is introduced and throughout
the 2009 legislative session.
Thanks for the help.

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