[AMRadio] Radio Noise, BPL?

Jim Miller WB5OXQ in Waco wb5oxq at grandecom.net
Tue Jul 15 00:16:02 EDT 2008

That is indeed strange.  I can think of wireless intercoms, wireless light 
controls etc that use the ac line for their carrier usually at low 
frequencies I believe.  I really cannot think of anything else right now.

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> Jim,
> This meter/inlet panel is on the outside of the attached office building. 
> The distro panel it feeds is turned off via the main breaker since the 
> building is vacant at this time. The the much larger power drop and panel 
> for the main building where my workshop/storage is located is on the 
> opposite side of the main building and is not a source of noise.
> The noise has the fundamental sound of a network cable but without any 
> traffic. Looking at my IF with a scope, the waveform is a flat top 
> positive going pulse with even spaced harmonics maybe, 100kc or less 
> apart. Certainly not phase controller harmonics. I haven't gotten all my 
> gear up and running yet so some of what i'm seeing may be from front end 
> overload.
>  Need to put in some input attenuation to to find the fundamental and 
> actual signal level. It appears to be in or even below
> the broadcast band but the HF receiver only goes down to 1500. At that 
> point the noise level completely buries any broadcast stations. Will try 
> using the portable if it stops raining Monday.
> My Spectrum Analyzer, Tek 7L12, was heavily smoke and water damaged 
> recently and I'm a bit lost without it. There is no better tool to locate 
> and identify noise sources. At least one that I can afford.
> Don't know, have to get it removed somehow. Would like to get my station 
> back on the air and there is no way with this noise.
> It is way outside
> of a permissible radiation level whatever it is.
> Will update when and if the problem goes away.
> Thanks !
> Bill, KB3DKS

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