[AMRadio] ARRL initiative

Walter - K5EST walter.k5est at gmail.com
Tue Jul 15 10:04:03 EDT 2008

> I also ask you to consider joining ARRL, no matter your feelings, to help
> the League advance this piece of legislation.
> 73
> Jim/W5JO


Well, you can ask all you want..............but, you know
folks do not have to live in those places that have CCR's
that are harmful. Secondly, they could operate mobile
or portable in another location. They could also figure
out how to do stealth antennas and still stay on the air.

Changing the arrl from "within" is a waste of your dues
because many of us Hams have fallen into that trap and
it does not work IMHO, and before you send in your hard
earned money.........
Do they support AM mode?....oh really.....prove it!
Do they support CW mode?....oh really.....prove it!

Happy AM Tuesday....73....Walter - K5EST

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