[AMRadio] ARRL initiative

Bob Peters rwpeters at swbell.net
Tue Jul 15 16:15:01 EDT 2008

Todd, That is great. Being from Maine and watching what is happening
there makes me always feel great on living in Texas the home of the
FREE. We have a 1300 Sq Foot Townhouse on a small lot in a small sub
division. No CCR's or Assoc. I have a 55 foot tower with a triband beam
a 40 meter rotatable dipole and a 75 M shortened inverted V for 75. Run
a GATES BC1G and also on SSB run a Drake L7. Guess what I love best!!!
Taxes for one year $249 for everything!!! Hard to beat that one!!!
Pictures of the qth in this month's ER,,, Everyone says why don't you
have a bigger house!!! My answer WHY do I need it...Great Police, Fire,
Hospitals, Shopping and Ham Radio...

Bob W1PE

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On Tue, Jul 15, 2008 at 3:28 PM, BSugarberg <bsugarberg at core.com> wrote:
> And many contracts
> allow the condo assoc. to fine you, or take legal action against you,
> and then put a lien on your property, or evict you.  Also, condos
> are notorious for having Assoc. officers who act like little Hitlers.
> If any of the condo assoc. officers take a dislike to you, God help

Sounds like it's time to move.

> The best solution is to avoid getting yourself into this situation if
> at all possible.

Absolutely right. Condos are simply apartments you own. The landlord
still owns the structure, you just own the innards. Anyone who freely
signs a contract with the rules clearly spelled out shouldn't expect
to be an exception, though.

Been to Larry's place, he has a big old frame house/Victorian like me.
Lots-o-room for radios, nice yard outside, some neighbors but not
looking in your windows. The times, they are a-changin' here in New
England. More of a 'Big Brother'/socialist enclave now than Free
Republic it once was. Not at all what we were raised in.

The XYL and I just closed on a place in NC north of Raleigh, roughly 3
acres in a rural setting, 1/3 the property taxes I pay her for less
utility, and minimal zoning that'll allow me to erect the 65' fire
lookout tower in the yard if I so desire. Just might do it, too.

Tried to respond to Larry's posting, but good ol' QTH saw something in
the body of the message it didn't like and bounced it back as spam.

~ Todd,  KA1KAQ
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