[AMRadio] Fighting deed restrictions

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Tue Jul 15 17:59:29 EDT 2008

This is the third thing the ARRL is trying to do that I truly 
support.  First of all they have legal representation in Washington 
D.C.  Second they monitor band allocation and have an intruder 
watch, then actually pester the FCC about intruders.  Now they are 
trying this.  They may not succeed, but I support them.

Breaking a contract in the form of a CC&R is very difficult, but has 
been done.  The court system, the FCC and most hams are afraid to 
get on the side of Amateur Radio in this issue, because of all the 
little ladies in tennis shoes who will spend whatever time and money 
it takes to wart the officials crazy.  This is the kind of thing 
that draws TV reporters like moths to a flame.

I do wish them good luck and hope, not matter your feelings for the 
organization, you will do what you can for them.  This issue is 
something all hams can support.


> Bob, there are more direct ways of trying to soften the impact of 
> deed restrictions on radio hobbyists than to contribute money to 
> the club in Newington.  For one thing, your direct testimony at 
> local zoning hearings is crucial if presented in a knowledgeable, 
> neutral tone. With state legislatures, your local lawmaker is 
> receptive to community service ideas, and a constituent would do 
> well to establish a link between emergency radio communications 
> and that legislator's awareness of "homeland security."  Both 
> actions take time, but both provide a direct sense of satisfaction 
> to those who make the effort on behalf of other licensees. You 
> cannot get that connection from the ARRL.

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