[AMRadio] Fighting deed restrictions (long story)

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I am living in an apartment at present in MA (you think VT is bad) and the first thing I did was scout out the area, was lucky and found a place about half mile from my father's house one day driving home from there, it's a decent place with a lot of woods in the back. I then asked the landlord if he minded if I put up some LW antennas as I was a BCB DXer, (wasn't licensed at that time), he asked me a few questions about it and said yeah, sure go ahead. Being a BCB DXer, you need very long wires, so I then asked both my neighbors who were on the other side of the short amount of woods behing my building if them minded if I ran wires through their trees, assured them they would never see them nor experience any interference, they both thought about it and said yes go ahead. I ran 2 400 ft LW's out in different directions. I then got licensed and put up a full length 160 M dipole. My landlord now knows I have a ham license but doesn't care. I have three antennas hanging off the back of the house with no problems at all. I was lucky but was polite and it didn't hurt that my father was a mailman in town and knows virtually everyone and these two guys happened to know both my father and my brother.

My wife is Peruvian and I have lived here also at times (I'm here right now in Lima) We rented a condo, I wanted to put a LW on the roof, I put one up without anyone knowing until I got caught sneaking up on the roof one day through the access hole at the top of the stairs, (5 story building) It started a big mess, finally we had a big meeting with all the tenents whch took over an hour and finally they agreed, but after I got the antenna all up under the watchful eye of the idiot condo security guard who made Barney Fife seem like a genius and thought he owned the place, he then placed a lock on the hatch. When I wanted to go up there to check things I had Barney follow me every time as of course he had the key and would drive me nuts every time I went up. I wanted to throw him off the roof a couple of times.

I have considered moving here someday as prices are cheap, the weather is great, and the people are nice, but I will NEVER buy or rent a condo again anywhere, here or in the States.  That one Condo Cop experience was enough for me and there was no antenna restriction there.


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> I don't have too much sympathy for a ham who would willingly move into
> a restricted neighborhood and then complain he can't put up antennas.
> But I've found it is becoming harder to find newer houses that do not
> have at least some deed restrictions. And folks who can't afford to
> buy a house and instead need to rent often face similar troubles.
> Apartments are the worst.

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