[AMRadio] Fighting deed restrictions

Rev. Robert P. Chrysafis kc8gpd at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 16 09:14:44 EDT 2008

My answer to the whole cc&r debate is what happens 10-15 years down the road 
when it becomes almost impossible to find a house outside of a deed 
restricted property. around here it already has become increasingly 
difficult to find non deed restricted property. cc&r properties are popping 
up at an alarming rate with no sign of slowing down even in these economic 
times. actually these economic times may be driving the craze for affordable 

so it is not simple as wright and wrong or black and white with this topic.

some of these deed restrictions are draconian and i beleive the government 
should put restriction on what HOA's can and Can't do.

for anyone who hasn't seen it rent The Colony starring John Ritter. it's 
almost scary how much was predicted in this movie that has become true over 
the years.

Thank You,

Rev. Robert P. Chrysafis
Universal Life  Ministries (ULC)

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> On Tue, Jul 15, 2008 at 5:59 PM, Jim Wilhite <w5jo at brightok.net> wrote:
>> Breaking a contract in the form of a CC&R is very difficult, but has been
>> done.  The court system, the FCC and most hams are afraid to get on the 
>> side
>> of Amateur Radio in this issue, because of all the little ladies in 
>> tennis
>> shoes who will spend whatever time and money it takes to wart the 
>> officials
>> crazy.  This is the kind of thing that draws TV reporters like moths to a
>> flame.
> Reminds me of those sports stars who sign multi-million dollar
> contracts seeing the direct benefit to them, then try to weasel out of
> it later once they have the dough.
> I see it more as having the potential to make amateurs look foolish,
> as well as whiners and crybabies. That we'd willingly sign a document
> clearly stating what is off limits, then play the victim and cry foul.
> We do see a lot of this type of nonsense in today's world where no one
> apparently is responsible for the choices they make, it's just sad to
> see the group that supposedly looks out for amateur radio considering
> the same nonsense. Then again - it is a 'brave, new-age world' and we
> have the equivalent in the ARRL. We really shouldn't be surprised.
> That it's taking place in Texas and Oklahoma instead of somewhere like
> San Francisco, Seattle, or New England is somewhat amazing, though.
> As for those old ladies, Jim - more power to them for sticking up for
> what's right and expecting others to live up to their end of the
> bargain. As Bruce, Larry, and others have said - no one is twisting
> anyone's arm to move there. (o:
> ~ Todd
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