[AMRadio] Fighting deed restrictions

Todd, KA1KAQ ka1kaq at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 13:36:23 EDT 2008

Yep, I agree with you there Jim - the last thing we need is anyone,
little old ladies or otherwise - trying to tell us what we need. In
this case, the choice is to avoid them, the HOAs, and anything else
like the plague. Not expect the League or anyone else to bail us out
after making the choice. I'm thankful they are so up front about it,
like those medical or nuclear waste decals. There's no mistaking it,
makes it easier to go elsewhere.

We have the creeping socialism here, along with many other factors.
I've been active and voted against all of it, but must concede defeat
to the new-age citiots who have taken over. If it's warm and fuzzy and
you can make someone else pay for it, it must be a good idea. So I'm
leaving not just the town, but my entire state behind 'by choice'.
Giving up a decent job and the rest because to me, other things matter

Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill and the surrounding area is known as the
Research Triangle, it's teeming with activity and jobs galore, from
education to tech to IT. Google is in NC, Cisco, I think Yahoo is,
plus many software companies and universities. We're 25 miles north of
Raleigh, in a rural setting with cheap taxes, minimal zoning, and a
half hour commute to a strong job market for anyone who wants to work.
So I disagree that the only places with jobs require living under the
yoke of some HOA. We could have - and would've been closer to work,
with a much newer house - but chose not to. It's all in what you want,
and why. I tend to think that amateur radio doesn't play a big role in
the decisions of many folks when it comes to moving, much to their
regret later.

The League could do itself and amateur radio a big favor by getting
back to basics, focusing on cleaning up its own house, being more
inclusive of all modes and favoring none, things like that. Build the
ARRL back into a worthwhile organization whose membership includes the
majority, not minority, of licensed amateurs. And pick the battles
with others very carefully. In my opinion, of course.

~ Todd,  KA1KAQ

On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 12:42 PM, Jim Wilhite <w5jo at brightok.net> wrote:
> Unfortunately any new development in the past 20 years has been moving to
> the restrictive covenants against any form of tower or transmitting
> antennae.  Remember a while back developers tried to ban dish TV antennae
> which was overturned by the courts and the FCC.
> Now we all understand about signing a document that restricts things, the
> problem is not one of choice for many.  There are a lot of places to buy
> homes and land that are unrestricted, but those places are not where the
> jobs are.  Many hams purchase homes in places where there are restrictions
> with the thought in mind that when they retire, they will move somewhere
> they can put up anything they want.  In the meantime they will do without or
> just scrape by.
> You were fortunate to find a place where you are moving, but many who do
> move can't find those kinds of places or they are 50 miles from their new
> job.  All the ARRL is trying to do is make the hobby universal.  Not all
> hams use vertical antennae that can be mounted on poles and covered with
> radomes.  Can you see a radome over a Mosley Pro 67.  Not only that, the
> cost of such an installation is prohibitive.  Not all hams want a tri-band
> beam and that is fine, but if I do and for good purposes, then I should have
> that option. I don't operate VHF nor UHF so should my view be fostered on
> everyone.  You can operate below 30 megacycles only.  I am going to prohibit
> antennae for frequencies above 50 meg.  I don't think so.
> God save me from those little old ladies.  I don't share their views on most
> things.  They are out to protect the world and I don't need it nor want it.
>  They are pushing socialism at it's worst.  After all I left home when I was
> 17 to make my place in the world and I left my mother at the same time.  I
> am just tired of them picking my arm to twist.  There are more important
> matters that should be addressed and their view out the window is a minor
> one.
> Jim
> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Todd, KA1KAQ"
>> I see it more as having the potential to make amateurs look foolish,
>> as well as whiners and crybabies. That we'd willingly sign a document
>> clearly stating what is off limits, then play the victim and cry foul.
>> We do see a lot of this type of nonsense in today's world where no one
>> apparently is responsible for the choices they make, it's just sad to
>> see the group that supposedly looks out for amateur radio considering
>> the same nonsense. Then again - it is a 'brave, new-age world' and we
>> have the equivalent in the ARRL. We really shouldn't be surprised.
>> That it's taking place in Texas and Oklahoma instead of somewhere like
>> San Francisco, Seattle, or New England is somewhat amazing, though.
>> As for those old ladies, Jim - more power to them for sticking up for
>> what's right and expecting others to live up to their end of the
>> bargain. As Bruce, Larry, and others have said - no one is twisting
>> anyone's arm to move there. (o:
>> ~ Todd
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