[AMRadio] Re: Fighting deed restrictions

Ron Lawrence W4RON W4RON at carolina.rr.com
Wed Jul 16 14:24:28 EDT 2008

> Precisely. When we decided to move to the Raleigh NC area, I started
> looking online long before any move, checking zoning, taxes, and so
> on.
Welcome to North Carolina Todd.
I went through the same thing when we were house hunting almost
20 years ago. Every time our Realtor would show us a house the first
thing I told her to get were the restrictions and covenants on the property.
I wasn't even a ham yet, but I knew I would be one day.
There are developments in our area where people that live there can't
even park their pickup truck in their driveway because or deed restrictions
and HOA rules.
When I was president of our local ham club years ago, I'd get a phone call
about once a month from some ham that had bought a new house in our
county and suddenly discovered that they couldn't put up ANY antennas...
They wanted to know if I could help. I told them I didn't have a time 
and that was the only thing that would help them not to buy that house.

We were really lucky to finally after 3 months of looking to find our house,
it's on almost 3 acres, almost completely wooded. August first this
year we will have been here 20 years, we love it so much we don't even
go on vacations anymore, except for a radio meet once in a while...

I also hear from guys that cry that they can't put up antennas where they
live, when I ask them why they moved there they say that that's where
the "wife" wanted to live... Oh well!

73 everyone from Radio Heaven, North Carolina.


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