[AMRadio] Fighting deed restrictions

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Wed Jul 16 15:40:48 EDT 2008


You've sure got that one right on the head!

I've been watching that development of affairs between my place and 
Dulles Airport.  I'm at the point in the pattern about 10 - 15 miles 
away from the threshold. Folks buy town houses, condos, and single 
family homes about 2 to 3 miles from the threshold and THEN bellyache 
about aircraft noise.

Was Dulles closed when then looked at the property?  I've lived here 20 
years.  Only seen it closed for a full day twice in all those years.

Go figure!

Did MY homework when we bought this house.  NO HOAs, CCRs, or the like 
was requirement #1, along with tax base and millage.  Schools also a 
priority item.

Then I worried about lot size.


Clarke, Tom AIR4.0P NATOPS wrote:
> Same idea as the folks who move in next to an airport - then complain
> about noise!  Duh! 
> Tom Clarke

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