[AMRadio] Fighting deed restrictions (long story)

Bob Young youngbob53 at msn.com
Wed Jul 16 17:25:44 EDT 2008

I didn't buy the place, just rented it for 6 months here in Lima Peru. I didn't whine, I WON and THERE WAS NOTHING ABOUT ANTENNAS in the agreement we signed, also it was not a deed restricted community, here in Lima most condos are in very big tall buildings, not sprawling communities like in the states and the antenna was a LW on the roof of this 5 story building out of sight of everyone with the lead in wire coming down a pipe right into the cable outlet. Most of the people there were very nice, it was the idiot 20 year old security guard who thought he was a cop who caused all the problems. This taught me that in a condo where everyone owns a piece of it, it only takes one Culo (if you don't speak Spanish you can guess what that means, apologies to all who can) to cause problems. 

Bob Young

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> I lived in a condo for one year and that was enough i didnt fight the assn because i new going in what i signed.If you buy in a deed restricted community  being a ham you got what you deserved .I ran psk31 and enjoyed it to a magnet wire antenna under the eve.But the grown men who move in there should stop whining...imho.w4bni--- On Wed, 7/16/08, Bob Young  wrote:
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