[AMRadio] Fighting deed restrictions

EP Swynar gswynar at durham.net
Thu Jul 17 08:14:40 EDT 2008

Hi Guys,

It just totally escapes me why a Ham would dole out $$$ for the BIGGEST
investment in his life, i.e. a house, and then whine about existing
covenants against antennas...

Doesn't it make supreme sense to check things out first, BEFORE signing on
the dotted line...? (HINT: think of the old "...never jump into an empty
swimming pool / look before you leap" adage for comparative purposes).

When we were house-hunting here 18 years ago I specifically told our real
estate agent to watch for antenna restrictions / covenants: if there were
any, we simply crossed that property off our list. Simple. Why buy your way
into the heartache & disappointment of future, on-going "firefights" over
your "right" to raise an antenna...? Why in your right mind would you want
to raise the ire of your neighbours by becoming the target of blame for each
& every blip on their TV screens / telephone static / loss of internet
connection / ad nauseam...?

Surely there must be enough suitable domiciles available for sale in the
country that one's choices would NEVER have to be THAT limited...unless, of
course, one is afflicted with some sort of a demented martyr's syndrome, or,
one thrives on the anataganism of others, & upon personal chaos...

~73~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ


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> > From: "Ed Sieb" <esieb at sympatico.ca>
> > Up here in Canada, we call those "culos",   "trou de cul".
> > Same thing.
> Or in Italian, you tell 'em "Fa'n culo!"
> Something that might be worth a try would be to cross out the restrictive
> language in the contract in permanent ink and initial in the margin next
> the stricken text, before signing it.  Sometimes the seller of the
> or the real estate agent will be too eager to close the deal, and not
> the modification, or he may simply not care as long as he is getting his
> money out of the deal.  Once it is registered at the courthouse in that
> condition, the crossed out language is legally voided,  too late to do
> anything about it.
> I know of at least one case where the buyer of a property did that
> it had nothing to do with amateur radio) and it worked.
> OTOH, I also have heard stories of where people had been living on a
> property for decades without restrictions, and then new highly restricted
> developments with HOA's popped up on all sides.  The older property owner
> was tricked into signing a form to join the HOA and accept its
> He thought he was signing an agreement to settle a road easement issue
> an adjoining property owner, but voluntary HOA membership was hidden in
> fine print.
> So even if you are a long-time property owner in a locality, be very
> about any agreement you sign with neighbours regarding real estate issues.
> Don k4kyv
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