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There is a SX-1 sitting at one of the broadcast sites I maintain. It's there for a back up to a DAX-1 but we've never been authorized to go ahead with restoration and hook up. I think there is a manual in the cabinet, and if there is I can make a copy for you. My immediate thought is that it would probably be kind of "iffy" to move the thing up to the ham bands and have it be agile since I think, and I emphasize think since I haven't looked at the beastie much lately, that it uses phased lines in the splitter that drives the individual amplifier modules and in the combiner that sums their outputs. If you move to a fixed freq. and/or within a limited bandwith of that spot you might be OK.

I'll swing by there this weekend and check for the manual. The neat thing about having to move this unit from the old abandoned site to the current site is that I got a Bauer 707 out of the effort. I AM moving that babe up to 160, 75/80, and 40m.

Bill AD5OL

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The SX-1 is a solid-state pulse duration modulation transmitter.  It 
is 1980s vintage... sold between the 1970s MW-series and 1990s "Gates" 
solid-state rigs from Harris.  In broadcast service I liked both the 
MW and Gates rigs better, but that is my limited opinion only.

I don't see a manual or schematic online - perhaps you could get a copy 
of the basic schematic from Harris Broadcast Support at  
tsupport at harris.com

Tech Tips on the Harris SX-1

Steve WD8DAS

sbjohnston at aol.com
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