[AMRadio] BPL and the ARRL

Kim Elmore cw_de_n5op at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jul 18 22:49:06 EDT 2008

This is simply an unfair assertion. It is not the ARRL's job to be 
the Omniscient Spectrum Protector. Most of the spectrum is not the 
Amateur's to protect. If the Government allows an activity that 
trashes its own spectrum, it's their problem, not the ARRL's. If the 
Government allows activity that trashes the broadcast band, it's the 
broadcaster's problem, not ours. Likewise the military, the FAA, and 
on and on. The ARRL cannot protect everyone and it is unreasonable to 
expect it to do so. It's primary responsibility is to promote the 
Amateur service.

Kim Elmore, N5OP

At 09:26 PM 7/18/2008, you wrote:

>I find it very interesting how the ARRL has changed the nature of 
>their challenge to BPL.
>It started out as a worthy fight against yet another RFI problem 
>from devices that aren't supposed to radiate.  Over time their 
>effort has "morphed" into a drive to get BPL operators to notch out 
>the ham bands only and let the rest of the spectrum go to the 
>dogs.  I wonder why?
>I am against all forms of unnecessary radio noise from unlicensed 
>devices - not just those in the ham bands.  And I am a bit surprised 
>that the League has narrowed its objective in this way.  Maybe it 
>makes it easier to declare "mission accomplished"!
>And, it should be noted that getting a few thousand bucks back from 
>the FCC doesn't do anything to stop BPL.  The FCC hasn't changed a thing...
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