[AMRadio] BPL and the ARRL

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Sat Jul 19 11:38:54 EDT 2008

Kim wrote:

>This is simply an unfair assertion. It is not the ARRL's job to be
>the Omniscient Spectrum Protector. Most of the spectrum is not the
>Amateur's to protect.

I disagree.  I asserted that the League has changed its role, and 
speculated on reasons that might have happened - not that the role of 
the ARRL should be as "Omniscient Spectrum Protector."

I see the role of ARRL as representative of the membership.  And my 
experience has been that the membership tends to be interested in the 
entire radio spectrum.  For example, many, many of the hams that enjoy 
operating AM also are avid listeners to utility and broadcast stations 
elsewhere in the spectrum.  And I personally embrace the idea that the 
Amateur is a leader in at least the philosophies and policies of 
electronics and communications, and can offer guidance to all sides - a 
sort of liaison between the general population and the government and 
corporations on these subjects.

Steve WD8DAS

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